Afon Rhos Improvement Project

This project, identified by the Seiont, Gwyrfai & Llyfni Angling Association and  organised by Afonydd Cymru on behalf of the Clwyd, Conwy & Gwynedd Rivers Trust, was completed in December 2013.  The work involved cutting back and removing undergrowth on the banks of the Afon Rhos for about 150 yards upstream from where it flows into the Afon Seiont near Llanrug and erecting approximately 70 yards of new fencing to protect the watercourse from damage as a result of stock ingress.  The aim of the scheme was to make it easier for migratory fish and native brown trout to enter the watercourse to spawn.

 Over the years, bankside trees and bushes had become overgrown and were encroaching into the stream.  This resulted in blockages making it difficult for fish to negotiate this length of the watercourse on the way to their spawning grounds in this once productive nursery stream.  The stream had also suffered from bank erosion caused by livestock.

 Although improvement work has only taken place over a distance of about 150 yards, it has opened up more than a mile of the stream that was previously difficult to access because of the condition of this initial section.  It is hoped that this project to provide additional spawning ground will help increase the sewin population in the Afon Seiont.  It is also hoped that further projects to improve the spawning potential of other small tributaries of the Afon Seiont might also be possible through  joint initiatives between the Clwyd, Conwy & Gwynedd Rivers Trust, Afonydd Cymru and the Seiont, Gwyrfai & Llyfni Angling Association.

The scheme cost approximately £4,000 and was financed with European Fisheries Fund project money. 

Afon Rhos. The overgrown condition of the stream before the project started in late 2013

Afon Rhos.  With the new fencing complete and the removal of the in-stream obstacles almost complete.  November 2013.