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Celtic Sea Trout Programme

An introduction to the Celtic Sea Trout Programme

The Celtic Sea Trout Programme, which started in May 2009 and ended in April 2013, was delivered via Interreg the Ireland-Wales Cross-Border partnership and was a collaborative effort between fishermen, conservationists, regulating bodies, universities, government agencies, trusts and angling clubs in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England.

The aim of the programme was to improve the management and long-term future of sea trout by understanding and evaluating sea trout stocks in the Irish Sea to enhance sea trout fisheries, strengthen their contributions to quality of life, to rural economies and to national biodiversity.  It was also to explore the use of sea trout life history variation as a tool to detect and understand the effects of climate change.

The Clwyd, Conwy & Gwynedd Rivers Trust played a pivotal role in the programme in several ways.  Nigel Milner, a fisheries scientist with a PhD in marine fisheries and trustee of the CC&GRT, was one of the lead scientists in the programme and the Trust was fully consulted prior to the start of the programme.

The Trust also helped promote the need for angling clubs within its area of operation to urge their members to collect sea trout scale samples and actively helped distribute the scale sampling packs.  The Trust’s chairman, Roger Thomas, also attended the programme’s inauguration meeting and many of the Trust’s angler members supported the programme by contributing scale samples for analysis.

Full details about the programme and its conclusions can be found by visiting

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